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"Cyber Bomb" Le premier ministre israélien annonce: sur le plan cyber, Israel pèse le poids d’une nation d’1/2 milliard d’habitants

janvier 30, 2014


1) Beersheva est en train de devenir non seulement la capitale cybernétique d’Israël mais l’un des centres de recherche les plus importants du monde. 2) A Davos Bibi a présenté Israël comme la Nation de l’Innovation (ce que tout le monde savait déjà). 3) Le monde cyber apporte de grands espoirs de grandes menaces. On […]

Stuxnet sparks debate at Paris expert forum: Cyber-intelligence specialists from Israel, France and the US agreed to disagree on the worm’s origins and effectiveness.

mars 14, 2011


Israel was identified in a giant media and world opinion buzz as the force behind the Stuxnet worm attacking the Iranian nuclear program because of the code string "myrtus" that appears in the software. The idea was that "myrtus" refers to the Esther of the biblical Book of Esther, the Jewish woman who became queen of Persia and thwarted a planned massacre of the Jews in the Persian empire. Esther was also known as Hadassah, a name linked in Hebrew to the word for myrtle, or myrtus. But while the Stuxnet code itself is "brilliant", this myrtus theory is "totally ridiculous" and does not stand up to serious analysis, according to Israeli cyber intelligence expert Nimrod Kozlovski, head of Altal Information Security, a Tel Aviv-based consulting firm.


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